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Providing Manpower Resources

Empowering Business & Inspiring Business Performance.

Committed to excellence in providing vital manpower to modern businessess industries and challenging environments. Bringing together the employers & employees to beat the challenges & share the success to grow together.

Employer's Service
Do business, not HR.

Increasing value through people, We Hire, Train & Retain ... 

Our executive services are available onsite or from our office adding minimal cost to the employers, we assist in providing experienced services of bookkeeper, secretary, typist, office assistant, clerk, administrative assistant, office manager, receptionist and account manager or any other staffing requirements in your organisations.

We value every type of work, however small is important for us to cater the employer within the prescribed time. We take pride in providing services tailor cut to your requirements and “PAY AS YOU GO”. Our charges are only against the services you get. We take your employment workloads and make you available free to concentrate on your business. 

If you require assistance, our qualified skilled trained staff will provide you with expert guidance. Contact Us >

Looking for a Job!

If you are looking for a job change or enhancing your career, all it means to us is your growth , Searching a right employer for you is our prime objective, we can discuss with you online or personally to meet your requirements. We  can recommend you how to upgrade your skills and achieve the goals of your life. Opportunity will always knock on the door, be ready for it...

Hire. Train. Retain,
Your Human Resources Team

Smile, you’ve found us. Our Proven methodology, profound impact, and sustainable results. We assure improving workplace productivity. We add or experience to your vision & trust for the changing world of talent.


Permenant Staffing

Our Permanant Staffing solutions help you to find right employees who can join you team to create the thrust in your organisation and glide it to the heights.Just let us know your require and fillout our requirements list, we search for the best candidates from your extensive database, online tools and contacts.  Contact Us Now!  


Short-term Staffing

Most of the companies prefer to have minimal staff to cut down overheads on staffing and employment benefits.The overload of cost on the employees for a starter company of short term projects can put the project off the track.Our short term Staffing solutions help you to get the right employees on request and at the affordable ost to fit your budgets. Contact Us Now!


Executive Search

Our Executive services are available onsite or from our office adding minimal cost to the employers, we assist in providing experienced services of bookkeeper, secretary, typist, office assistant, clerk, administrative assistant, office manager, receptionist and account manager or any other staffing requirements in your organisations.
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Many small an big organisations have limited human resources staff or may not have one. Such organisations can hire our consulting services for their staffing solutions. We can be your representative right from drawing the specifications who you need untill the employee is on board and has satisfied all your business needs.
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We understand the Business Demands

Mass ManPower Services is a recruitment services company who is focussed on assisting Employers & Employees. Employees get the jobs in the related fields as per the Canadian NOC systems and the salaries. The demand may vary as per the location and time. Few common jobs in demand can be found in following categories like Warehouse, Customer-Service, Retail, Sales, Healthcare, Accounting, Production, Housekeeping, Cashier, Automotive,  Receptionist, Marketing, Management, Restaurant, Food etc.

Assist Clients, to achieve results through Pragmatic, Professional, Progressive HR services.
Few categories of on-demand jobs in various provinces of Canada we serve are, Apartment Management, IT Services, Property Management, Restaurant Management Service, Commercial Real Estate, Consulting Services, Insurance, Real Estate, CPA Firm, Insurance, Iron Works, Commercial & Residential Construction, Financial Investment Firm, Utility Company, Food Industry, Retail Industry.. and many more...

Management Jobs
Professional Jobs
Technical Jobs
Intermediate Jobs
Labour Jobs

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Who We Are


A company’s most valuable asset is its employee.

Our employees have been with our company for many years they understand the needs of our clients we treat them as our gems of the company. Without them the company will not reach the heights as it is today. Similarly, we provide the gem candidates to our clients they always look for the new candidates whenever they need additional resources for the growth of their company.


Performance through people.

As employees are the assets of the company, we train groom and recommend to upgrade the employees to achieve the company goals. Trained and experienced candidates are best for the employment. They not only produce, but help to grow culture of education and training in the company. We have may programs for the new candidate to enhance their career and so the company.


A different kind of consulting service.

Our personalized service makes relation between the employer and the employee so comfortable that the employees recommend our company services to their keens and search jobs through our company for them. Our Computerised database search systems, Social & Online presence makes us more effective in searching right jobs for the employees and right employees for the employers.


Global reach, local presence

Having online presence, many years of Social presence and Online Search Platform makes us a leader in the market and helps employers and employees to save their time and resources. We have or offices in Toronto and Vancouver and many more coming soon...


Proven methodology, profound impact, and sustainable results.

Through & multiple interviews, help select the best candidates. We get subject matter experts (SME) when we feel our resources are less capable for the interview process. We have backup candidates in case of rejections, issues and problematic situations. We continuously keep in touch with the candidates getting feedback and providing it to the employer and the vice versa till they are declared & finally employed permanently by the company.


Your people. Your performance. Our obsession.

Through research and experience of our company helps us to provide you the best candidates. The experience of the candidate may vary but the attitude and eagerness to achieve the individual goals make the right candidate. the key performance indicators help the candidates to focus on the weaker sections of their performance. We are obsessed to provide you the best candidates you to achieve your vision and growth.


We create experience, We deliver results.

Time is the critical factor for any business, we always are looking for bright individuals and constantly are looking for the best employers for them. the candidates are live wire the y may be employed somewhere and have personal issues to change the jobs. we keep them in the hot pool and provide such hot wire candidates to the requesting employers. le tour experience be your guide, we deliver the best human resources.

Our Testimonials

Greg Kovalski

Greg has very good experience in Sales and marketing , but he believes the right trainers, the right place, at the right time are Mass ManPower Inc.


Mattew Mosberg

People. Process. Power Matthew has a different insight looking into HR. He is excellent judge to get the right candidate he needs. He is  one of the prestigious client of Mass ManPower Inc..


John Schwab

John Robins is successful business man, and has an instinct to get the right resources for his business at right time. He is focused on positive employee relations. Mass Manpower Inc provides Performance through people.

CEO, CloudStar Software Consulting.

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